What Do We Learn from Jennifer Lopez’s Cougar Dating?

What Do We Learn from Jennifer Lopez’s Cougar Dating?

Who has the more impressive dating history? Advertisement Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have been dating for about four months. The couple began dating when the singer was just a teenager, but split after a decade together. The “Money Train” co-stars were briefly linked after meeting on set, during which Lopez filmed her first sex scene. Lopez wed the Miami waiter in , but the marriage lasted less than a year. Noa tried to sell a book about their relationship but Lopez sued and the manuscript was shut down. In , she also had to block the release of a private, intimate video that reportedly included 15 to 20 minutes of nudity from their honeymoon. Pre-Diddy, Sean Combs began dating Lopez while she was working on her first album. But the rapper turned out to be too much of a bad boy, and they split soon after he was arrested in relation to a Manhattan night club shooting in December and charged with criminal possession of a weapon. Lopez was also charged in the incident but the charges were dropped soon after.

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Kennedy Jun 12, 1: In other words, it was business-as-usual for the multiplatinum singer known as J. Lo, who has multiple films and a TV series in the works, her own fragrances, countless endorsement deals, a TV and film production company and part ownership in a cable network.

And let’s not forget Casper Smart who started dating Jennifer in and they were on and off until before Alex Rodriguez came along. but the relationship seemed doomed from the start, “You know it’s very tough. Your privacy is breached. How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The and Ojani Noa Story. He says the video shows Jen is.

June 20, J. Am I trapped in here? I’m gonna start having anxiety. First, Andy wanted to know about Bennifer, asking if the singer helped with his transformation. The “I Luh Ya Papi” singer said yes! You should wear a suit! You should do this with your hair! I mean, I do that. By the way, guys do that to girls, too:

Jennifer Lopez Breaks Up With Boyfriend Casper Smart

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Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images. Lopez’s split from Casper Smart is still pretty recent and she might not even be interested in looking for someone else just yet.

Lopez in now 40 years old, but has proved that being a middle aged mother does not mean that you cannot regain the curves of your youth. J-Lo used the Dukan Diet system to help her lose weight. The popularity of his diet system has been spreading on the last 10 years, mostly with the help of the Internet. Other celebrities including Gisele Bundchen and Jessica Szohr have also managed their weight effectively using the Dukan Diet.

This year an English version of the Dukan diet will be published. So, how did Jennifer Lopez use the Dukan system to lose weight? J-Lo admits that she worked out a lot during her weight loss program. The final 20 pounds were the hardest for her to lose and only by drastically changing her eating habits was she able to do it.

How Does the Dukan Diet Work? Like the Atkins diet, the Dukan diet is divided into 4 stages, each stage have a specific purpose to help achieve your weight loss goals. This is a protein only diet, just like the Atkins Induction phase.

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Share Tweet Drake who? Discover more about her latest flame, and the entire record of her exes correct right here. Apart from her track and appearing career, Jennifer Lopez has been the highlight for to her love life. JLo has had her reasonable share of relationships, together with a short-time period love affair with rapper Drake.

The life of Jennifer Lopez can be summed up as true rags to riches story. A talented singer, good actor and naturally good looking, she can be described as a woman of substance.

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Edit In June following the departure of Ellen DeGeneres from American Idol it was reported that Lopez was in talks to join season 10’s judging panel. However it was then reported that Lopez was out of the running due to “outrageous demands”, something which returning Idol producer, Nigel Lythgoe responded to by saying “[Jennifer] is in no way a diva, I’ve worked with her on quite a few occasions and I have never yet seen her be a diva. It was then revealed then reported that both Lopez and then-husband, Marc Anthony, were being considering for a role on the The X-Factor for their appeal to ‘Latin’ and ‘International’ markets.

Lopez’s involved in The X-Factor was ruled out when the media reported that she had accepted an offer to become a judge on season 10 of Idol, despite being offered roles on both shows. The announcement was made official on September 22, MTV said “the deal was mutually beneficial to all those involved” whilst CNN reported that Lopez was viewing it as a decision to revive her career while Idol producers believe the Lopez and Steven Tyler appointments will strengthen viewing figures.

Lopez returned to Idol for season 11 after much speculation. In May after season 12 ended, rumors began flying about Lopez possibly returning to the show as a judge in the wake of changes happening on the show by FOX due to low ratings. All three will be back for season

Jennifer Lopez on dating, her split with Marc Anthony and ‘First Love’

Email Lopez and Smart have broken up after more than two years together! Jennifer Lopez, 44 and her much younger beau Casper Smart, 27, have reportedly parted ways. Their last public appearance was at the Billboard Music Awards pictured above on May

“Love Don’t Cost a Thing” is a song recorded by American singer Jennifer Lopez for her second studio album (). It was released on December 2, by Epic Records as the lead single from the album. The song was written by Damon Sharpe, Greg Lawson, Georgette Franklin, Jeremy Monroe and Amille D. Harris, and produced by Ric Wake, Richie Jones and Cory Rooney.

When Lopez was born, the family was living in a small apartment in the Castle Hill neighborhood. A few years later, her parents had saved up enough money to be able to purchase a two-story house, which was considered a big deal for the relatively poor family. She toured New York with her school when she was seven years old. Her parents stressed the importance of work ethic and being able to speak English. They encouraged their three daughters to put on performances at home—singing and dancing in front of each other and their friends so that they would stay “out of trouble”.

She auditioned and was cast in My Little Girl , a low-budget film co-written and directed by Connie Kaiserman. After she finished filming her role in the film, Lopez realized that she wanted to become a “famous movie star”. To please her parents, though, she enrolled in Baruch College , only to drop out after one semester.

Jennifer Lopez is Off the Market

A talented singer, good actor and naturally good looking, she can be described as a woman of substance. But in this journey she has also been engaged with different men with the likes of Ben Affleck being one of the many in her long list of lovers. She has had it all and if you are Jennifer Lopez then it is but natural that you will also have something special and different in your life and therefore enters Casper Smart.

Casper Smart is the new lover of Jennifer and has been so for some time now. There are two things that you need to know about Casper Smart and that is, firstly he is a backup dancer at the live performances of Jennifer Lopez and two he is younger than her. It is safe to say that Casper knows how to date a cougar firsthand.

Couple Lopez-Smart to survive the separation. But earlier this year press actively started to write about singer and dancer together again.

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Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend, Casper Smart, bundled up to go jogging in Poland this morning. The couple are in the city of Gdańsk ahead of J Lo’s concert.

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Alex Rodriguez Already Picked Out Jennifer Lopez’s $3 Million Engagement Ring (EXCLUSIVE)

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Lo by the public, which is known as a nickname and “public persona”. Lo, which she credits as being more “personal” and “romantic” than On the 6. I called Damon up, and I played the track and sang the melody to him over the phone. We ended up collaborating on the song, with both of us writing parts of the melody and the lyric. I came up with the title, and he came up with the key line, ‘Even if you were broke,’ in the chorus.

Wake, who loved the song, played it for Lopez, who also loved it. Additionally, the track details the “inner workings of love”. Despite this, the song failed to reach the top of the Hot , and stalled at number three for a total of three weeks. It held this position for two more weeks, and remained in the top ten for a further six weeks.

119 on younger boyfriend: “I didn’t feel okay with it”

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