Veronica Mars/Fanfic Recs

Veronica Mars/Fanfic Recs

The Star Wars Holiday Special. There exists an obscure film called Geek Maggot Bingo. Of the entire film, the Word Salad Title is probably the least bizarre; there are cowboys, mad scientists, vampires, hunchbacks, transvestites, phones made of cardboard, cats covered with marker scribblings, the cheapest props and special effects you’ll ever see that are somehow strangely creative , at least a dozen samples of stolen music, and that barely scratches the surface of how screwed up this film is. Watch The Cinema Snob ‘s review for a better idea. The American Civil War with vampires. Also apparently Abe himself arranged his assassination after he was bitten by a zombie, as he considered turning into one a Fate Worse than Death. Yes, it’s official; made with the permission of Richard O’Brien and the enthusiastic encouragement of Terry Pratchett , the only performance took place at the Discworld Convention. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as well as its prequel, sequel, and its spiritual successor, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. And makes it all the more impressive that the story works incredibly well. Tyra Banks ‘ fantasy trilogy, Modelland could qualify.

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On the day of their friends, Snow White and Prince Charming’s wedding, the Evil Queen interrupts the ceremony to announce she will destroy the happiness of everyone in the land. Months later, Ella is heavily pregnant and expecting twins, but worries about a vision she received many months before regarding the Queen’s threat. Despite knowing that the Queen speaks the truth, Ella sees a light in the dark: Ella explains what she knows of the curse, and the future to her husband, and even adds that in order to make sure that the Dark Curse is broken they must sacrifice their children to growing up in a Land Without Magic in order to save them, she has already prophesized that their daughter will grow up to protect the savior not only from the Evil Queen, but from any dark forces that dare try to stop her from her destined task.

Unfortunately, Ella gives birth on the morning that the Dark Curse is cast. Having already agreed that it would be Avis to go with the twins in order to raise their daughter, which she has affectionately called Tabitha, to be the defender that she is supposed to be, Ella kisses both her children and promises them that they will one day be together again; she then wishes her husband luck and watches as they disappear through a portal.

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Wanda top left, framed in red ‘s robot husband and their own Tangled Family Tree. Or Cable’s adopted daughter who may or may not be his mother reincarnated. Let’s leave it at that for your sanity’s sake. See full table with annotated names here “If you wannabe a Summers You have got to live Through time travel, death, and cloning, But that’s the way it is. Sometimes a little too easy. Layer too many of those tropes onto the same group of characters, and what you end up with is a Tangled Family Tree.

This isn’t just a Dysfunctional Family , this is a family with members so numerous, relationships so tangled, and circumstances so bizarre that it’s impossible to keep track of them without a flow chart.

Tabitha Nixon (TBAC)

If the canon author tries to do this to his own work, it’s called a Retcon , Re Vision , or otherwise some form of Continuity Porn. In general, fans treat “retcon” as a value-neutral term, whereas “fan wank” carries a connotation of being crap. That said, fan wank can still be enjoyable , especially if the author is clearly aware of how ridiculous the theory is , and some fan theories can even be adopted by the original work in the form of Ascended Fanon or a Shrug of God , which means no canon commitment either way and gives the fans room to work with.

Tabitha Nixon (TBAC) Edit. Classic editor History They are known to be swift creatures, some are able to run at bursts as high as 60 mph (97 km/h), or run at a sustained speed of 30 mph – reference to Tabitha’s athletic nature. Once Upon a Time Fanfiction Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

So, I wrote a historical AU. And a Rule 63 story. At the same time. This is what happens when you spend time reorganizing a history section in a bookstore. I have no regrets. Some faced poverty, others rural isolation; some faced abuse and suffering. And some made happy lives, despite the strange circumstances and the difficulties of a world recovering from war. They were more fortunate than most, even far from home and soon to reach a strange country.

They were luckier than most. Though they were sailing to a new land, it was one that spoke the same language as their own. Spencer leant against the railing of RMS Queen Elizabeth, watching the dark smudge of land along the horizon. Her gender was a blessing for once, as it meant one less man pulled from the front lines to do the work needed at Bletchley Park.

Merlin Entertainments Interview Questions

Pitch Black takes great advantage of the former fact and has suppressed the latter for quite some time, but it all changes when he meets a lonely winter spirit named Jack Frost. After all, who would make a better match for the Nightmare King than a Lady of Winter? Jack x Pitch Rise of the Guardians – Rated: The people around her urge her to take a day off.

Two days and several drinks later Charlotte finds herself in Captain America’s bed. When Lucifer Morningstar is found half dead in the desert, Chloe Decker is determined to find out why.

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These new students find out that this isn’t your ordinary school. And a deadly war is headed their way Rating: Chapter Stories – Genre: Exactly what about her is so captivating, he doesn’t know, but he does know that her reactions to his little schemes are so very amusing. Humor, Romance – Updated: Drama, Romance – Updated: Isn’t that for losers who can’t get a date on their own? War lord Sesshomaru remembered her as a worthy warrior. However, years of torture as a prisoner of war had destroyed her.

As the one who captured her in battle, he takes it upon himself to heal the broken miko. Oneshot Collections – Genre: She decides to make an escapade so she can decide whether to make her vacation from her over-controlling, arrogant husband a permanent one. On the other hand, Sesshomaru is snapped out of his post marriage regrets when his wife disappears, and like the dog he is, gives chase to his runaway bride.

Dirty Jelsa Fanfiction

In All The Little Things: Nicely written, I liked it. He’s been seeing a certain prostitute, for sex, not for a relationship.

Merlin was created as a combination of several historical and legendary figures. Geoffrey combined stories of North Brythonic prophet and madman, Myrddin Wyllt, and Romano-British war leader, Ambrosius Aurelianus, to create Merlin Ambrosius.

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tBS: War Brides

Eyes with any other unusual qualities? Unusual feature of any other kind? One box for each:

In case you haven’t noticed, this is a blog for ALL Bonnie Bennett fic recs. I recommend any fanfic that I think is well-written that I think people would like to read.

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Tangled Family Tree

But is it really such a blessing as it appears? A jaded, darker, bitter, and tired wizard who just wants to die; but can’t. A chance to learn how to live, from the most unexpected source. Lost Brother Found by kirallie reviews Dean died on a hunt when he was 12, at least that’s what John’s always told Sam. On a hunt for another werewolf Sam is saved by a familiar figure. T – English – Supernatural – Chapters:

Ben is undercover. Stan, typically a rival or enemy, knows or at least suspects as much; and tests his suspicion by blurting out Ben’s real ably, Ben will, quite unprofessionally, respond to the use of his name, confirming Stan’s suspicions.

Eyes with any other unusual qualities? Unusual feature of any other kind? One box for each: Does your character have a particularly attractive or pleasant scent that doesn’t come from xir perfume, cologne, or shampoo? Does your character have a scar or other small “flaw” that is noticed by someone, but does not actually detract from your character’s appearance from your point of view? Do not click if healing technology or magic is readily available that allows for healing without scars.

The Warlock’s Curse – Merlin Fanfiction Trailer

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